Computer-aided ICD-10 coding of hospital stays.

ICD-10 coding is essential in the administrative processes of hospitals in many countries. We are working with Belgian hospitals to streamline the ICD-10 coding for the obligatory MZG registration.

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Conversion of medical history to SNOMED CT.

In the context of migrating to next generation electronic health record systems, hospitals are looking to add value from the new possibilities offered by SNOMED CT based functionality.

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Our approach is tailored to be easily usable and acceptable by healthcare professionals.

Modern data-driven NLP

Our data-driven Clinical Language Understanding models learn from real-life examples. The system learns how the users work, not vice versa.

Automatic learning

The initial system is a starting point. The AI models learn from further interactions with healthcare professionals, creating a positive feedback loop.

Augmented Intelligence

We focus on interpretable AI, where users can easily understand the AI suggestions and validate or correct based on the presented evidence.


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November 14 - 2023 joined THE Institute's symposium 'Samen digitaal - impact van digitale innovatie op de zorg'

November 7 - 2023 and will jointly support the NLP to OMOP project in collaboration with the four hospitals (AZ Klina, AZ Oostende, AZ Delta and OLVZ Aalst).

August - 2023

Looking back at the ICT4Care Colloquium! Our colleague Han Peetermans gave a presentation that we are now also sharing with the general public.

May 11 - 2023

Visit our brand new blog page. Here you will find our latest insights and articles about medical coding and the use of AI in healthcare.

April 26-27 - 2023

Thank you for your presence and interest during another successful Inspire Health&Care 2023. #IHC23

March 30 - 2023

The healthcare industry is changing. And both patient and care provider reap the benefits of this. Read the interview with our business developer Han Peetermans to learn how AI can help healthcare.

Products and Services

Our Clinical Language Understanding technology is at the core of the solutions we build for and together with customers. A modular, container-based architecture gives us the flexibility to adapt to different needs.
Flexibility also means flexibility in deployment. That's why we offer on-site as well as cloud based deployment solutions. That way, healthcare institutions can be in control of their own data.
Over the years, we have worked on multiple projects (e.g. adverse event detection) and services (e.g. pseudonymization and anonymization). But the following are the projects that have grown into real products:

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